Asrock x58 extreme 3 error codes

i just finished getting all the components for my computer build today

raidmax helios case
i7 930
asrock x58 extreme 3 motherboard
g.skill ddr3-1600 2x4gb rams cl9-9-9-24 1.5v rams
western digital 400gb sata internal hard drive 3gb/s
imation IDE dvd drive
evga gtx 470 gpu
kentek 1050watt power supply 230v
antec kuhlu h2o 920 water cooler

and when i press the on button on motherboard dr debug error codes are displayed in this order

68, 69, d1, d4, d5, 2A, 31, 37, 38, 3A, 75, 78, 00 and one short beep befor error code 00 shows

and also there is no pictur on the display

please help

any advice would be greatly appreciated


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  1. If you look in the owners manual what does it say for the error codes? When you start up a computer you listen for the bios post beep which is one short beep so you are hearing that but getting no picture. Have you checked the power connectors to the video card and have you made sure that the video card is properly seated all the way in. Have you made sure that the cable connecting the monitor to the video card is properly connected and the monitor turned on. Are all the fans working and can you hear the hdd start spinning.
  2. the owners manual is missing more than half the error code on my list, power is connected to the gpu and its fan is spinning, all fans are working, ill check to see if my hard drive is spinning, and recheck my display connections, the only thing i can think of that i havent already checked is the hard drive

    You can download the manual and it does have all of the codes in there. The code 00 means that the bios is now passing control over to the OS boot loader (Passes control to OS Loader) (typically INT19h) , so at this point if the Dr. Debug is showing the double 00 then it has passed the bios tests and now it is up to the Windows boot loader to take over so if that is the point where the Pc is hanging then the issue is with the hard drive and the operating system.

    There is one important question that I will have to ask and that is , Have you loaded the operating system onto the hard drive yet?

    During the process of the Dr. Debug and the error codes being shown on the motherboard is there anthing being shown on the monitor at all?
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