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Local disk always getting full

Can someone help me..?
it was since yesterday that my local disk (C:) having a problems. Its always getting full usage of memory even though I didn't install or add data/file to it.

I already deletes software, files, and unused programs to free up the space. I manage to free up 7GB, but after a few minutes, the free memory has gone from 7GB to 4GB only, than the free space kept getting smaller until the notification says the Local Disk does not have enough free space to work efficiently.

Help! :o
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    Well besides being in the wrong section since this post should be in the storage section with the hard drives you need to post your spec's so we know what we are dealing with for components and not just a situation.
    You can start by looking at the size of your page file because windows uses hdd space as if it were ram for caching to the cpu.
    What is the size of your hdd?
  2. :lol:

    I didn't realize there are section for storage/hard drives. My hdd is 500 GB, but my (C:) partition just have 58.4 GB.
    Now you mention it. :o
    I never thought about page file, after changing the paging to other partition, my (C:) directory problem are gone.
    thx.... :wahoo:
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  4. Thank you , glad to have been a help.
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