HD 6900 cards and Adobe Flash?

So the past few days I've noticed that I find myself with my 6950 (or 6970 when flashed) video card would get stuck at a GPU core clock of 500 when idle (normally it's 450) and 1250 memory (normally 1275) with a voltage of 1.000 (normally 1.1V when as a 6950). When I attempt to game or do any 3D stuff, the card will not go to 3D settings. This happens as a 6950 or 6970.

I've been racking my brain on what is the problem.

I just discovered what is causing the problem, and I'd like to know if anyone has ideas on how to resolve it.

While at this link I discovered what was going on: http://www.tomsguide.com/us/console-history-video-games-playstation,news-7725.html

I have monitoring software open to see when my clocks shift so I can figure out if I solved my problems with different hardware setups. The moment I clicked on the Adobe Flash video to see the clip, my clock changed to the wrong settings. As soon as I changed the page, my clocks resumed as normal. I can't believe that could be it, so I try again and again. Like clockwork, if I view an adobe flash video, my clocks mess up, and as soon as I close the window it resumes as normal.

I attempted to turn off hardware acceleration with Adobe flash, and it still does this. Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop adobe flash from screwing with my GPU's clocks?
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  1. Installing Mozilla Firefox fixed it. This must be an IE issue. Damn you Microsoft.
  2. That's very interesting to know I may get a 6950 in the future, thank you for the info, sorry I or anyone who had previously viewed this problem couldn't solve it
  3. Yes, this is something that is important.
    bystander have you tried IE9 beta?
    My friends with the 69xx had the exact same problem an it was resolved by using IE9.
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