Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro CPU Cooler high temps still?

Hello this is bugging me. i have recently overhauled my components all but the disc drive and psu. i have the 955

my stock amd cooler was running at load at around 60 degrees playing witcher 2 on normal.

today i installed the heatsink in question and i am getting 67 degrees.

okay it could have been the installation due to thinking it wasnt going to fit on it feels like its gonna break the mother board with the pressure so the heatsink was probaly slidding a bit to much trying to figure it out but i got there in the end. when i figured out if it was okay i checked the bottom of the heatsink it looked okay( im just hoping the spread was good enough).

could this be because its a new installation and it will take its time to adjust? or because the heatsink is making it as quiet as possible without cooling as much as my old heatsink which at 6k rpm made my ears hurt.

what do you think was it my rubbish installation? or because its trying to make it quiet?.

is speedfan a reliable program?.

also my idle at the moment is around 40 and this is the rev 2 so the new quiet heatsink which wont let me adjust fan speed in speedfan.
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  1. It must be bad installation, its not the best cooler buy a mile but its way better than the stock one.
  2. damn knew it lol. i might give it a few days if its still rubbish ill just buy some more thermal gel and do it again.

    its so much quieter which is a big plus lol
  3. You don't want to be running that hot 62C it the maximum for that CPU and theres not much chance of it getting lower on its own. I recommend fix it before you use it.
  4. Hmm i just tested the HWmonitor and it is showing me at 56-63 degrees playing witcher. maybe speedfan isnt the best to test?

    edit damn it same heat as before
  5. download coretemp , also check temps in bios. If they are high, re-do installation with some fresh good quality thermal paste such as AS5. also you can make sure the bios isnt limiting the cpu fan speed by disabling things like smart fan control etc in bios
  6. i have downloaded core temp and its actually showing idle of 47 degrees . i checked the temp on bios and it was at 40 degrees. i turned of cool and quiet? ( sounds like they slow down the fan to make it quiet but just enough to keep it cool?) and smart fan was already disabled.

    will get some thermal paste and redo the installation as i know how now lol.
  7. ok, yes those options will limit fan speed. goodluck
  8. kk i have ordered some arctic silver 5 , what is the best method for using the paste? i keep hearing half a grain of rice? or a green garden pea?
  9. hmm can anyone help me?

    MSI 880GM-E41 AMD 880G

    i think this might be the problem i am running the witcher 2 but the speed of the fan is sticking at 1800 rpm when it should be doing 2500rpm which i think would be adequate?
  10. yes a pea sized amount spread evenly is sufficient, 1800rpm should be adequate, what are you using to monitor rpm, speedfan? if you have disabled the smart fan options etc in bios, the cpu fan should be running max.
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