What do you think of the cx430

So this is basically my build

intel i5 2500 or 2400
Radeon 5830 xtreme 1gb ddr5 (xtreme i think is just the make but im not sure)
4gb of ram ddr3 1333mhz
1 dvd drive
1 sata 250 gb drive
4 12mm fans

i checked on this calculator

and it came up with
min = 303
max = 353

so is that ok? is 430 watts ok for that?

thank you
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  1. CX430 is good. But definitely not up to the mark compared to the older Corsair PSU's. Somehow Corsair have somewhat gone off the boil in recent times. Their older VX,TX,HX and only one CX400 were simply amazing. But these days they have some new CX and GS series which are a bit behind.

    So i would say VX450W is the better option.
  2. Sorry! I was away for a while! :(

    Thanks for remembering me! :)
  3. Quote:
    KINGWIN ABT-450MM 450W ATX 12V Ver.2.2 SLI Ready Power Supply

    hec Raptor500 500W ATX12V V2.2 SLI Ready Passive PFC Power Supply
    (my choice..)

    Don't buy those. You can't get a decent 450W PSU for 35 bucks and the other one has passive PFC which isn't good and I have never heard of those brands.
    I would recommend you this one:
    Silent, efficient and Seasonic
  4. Quote:

    hec Raptor500 500W ATX12V V2.2 SLI Ready Passive PFC Power Supply
    (my choice..)

    I've got no problem using a lower end psu if need be, but you can get the EA500D for $4 more, if that's gonna break the budget, save for another week or steal the kids lunch money.
    Ver. 2.3
    Active PFC
    80+ Bronze
    Higher 12v
    3 year warranty
    Well worth the $4.

    Buying a decent quality psu is like a game, watch for the deal when it comes around ( usually quite often ) then jump on it.
  5. hey guys, thanks for the suggestions but i cant buy any of those, im looking for something around and UNDER 40 POUNDS. Yup im a britfag :P

    so yeah. Please dont link me to something more expensive than that. Thanks

    so i guess the cx450 is out then huh... so anything else that will work. does the VX450W have the 2 6pin molex thingy? thanks dudes...
  6. Here's the PSU:

    Here's the review:

    It is not the best, but the best i could find under 40 pounds.

    But honestly CX430W would be better than this. Since the budget is a bit tight, you can go for the Corsair.
  7. i dont mind which one. Does that xfx one have 2x 6pin molex? will it work with the stuf fi stated above? thanks, im not very good at this, im a newb :P
  8. The CX430 only has one 6pin PCIe connector and only three 4pin peripheral connectors. I doubt you would be able to power four fans with the remaining peripheral connector after using the other two to connect to the peripheral to PCIe adapters, unless, maybe all of the fans have peripheral connectors and are quite close to each other or their cables are all long enough to reach the connector on the PSU. And like malmental said, I don't think I'd want it even then.

    The XFX linked does have two PCIe connectors as well as having a lot more other connectors besides.

    Another good option would be the Silverstone Strider Essential 400W for £38
  9. Make sure it has 2 power connectors.
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