IPIBL-LB Motherboard onboard video??

I have the HP m9300t with a Nvidia 9500GS video card and IPIBL-LB (Benica) motherboard.

I removed the video card in order to disconnect the fan (it was extremely noisy, and i dont play games so I didnt think this was a problem).

I believe that I damaged the card somehow because now during startup vista goes to a black screen. This occurs even when I load in safe mode, system recovery mode, hold down F8 or F9 etc...The screen always goes blank after about 15 seconds, so I have no idea what is going on with Vista.

I am wondering several things:

1) Does the motherboard have onboard video? The HP website says onboard video not available if a card is installed, which is ambiguous to me.

2) Can i just unplug the video card and use the onboard video, if it exists??

3) I want to upgrade to possibly a radeon 5670. Can i just plug in a new card without loading drivers etc first? Because as of now i am unable to get to my desktop to do anything.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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  1. If a video card is installed, the on-board graphics are automatically disabled, and you plug the monitor into the connector on the video card. Look on the back of your computer, is there a second connector that looks like the one on the video card? If there is, attach the monitor to that connector, remove the 9500GS, and try booting to Safe mode, then remove the NVIdia drivers (using ADD/REMOVE Software). If you are unable to get it to boot, then you might have damaged your motherboard when you first removed the 9500. Hopefully, it's just a problem with incompatible video drivers(Nvidia drivers with the integrated Intel Graphics). Good Luck!
  2. Thanks for the help. It looks like there is no onboard video after all. so assuming my video card is busted, can i just put in a new card? i dont want to get another 9500 GS, but I also dont want to spend 100 or so dollars for a decent graphics card and not have it work. from my research, an ATI 5670 is a pretty decent card that I could fit in without upgrading the PSU.
  3. You will still have to remove the Nvidia drivers , then install the ATI drivers.
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