Dell optiplex gx620 graphic upgrade

Hello, i'm wondering if i can i fit a XFX Radeon HD 6870 CrossFireX graphic card in my dell optiplex gx620?

I got a Slimline and that's why i'm not sure if the card takes too much space and or power for my dell to handle it.

If it doesent fit i'd like to know if there are any good g-cards that does, if possible.

Thanks for helping me out in advance!
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  1. won't fit and most likely the PSU is not enough.
  2. What is your current graphics card? PSU? Monitor resolution?
  3. I have one being a media PC on a 1080p plasma works great main issue cards have to be half height and single width. I have tried 2 cards both worked fine 9600gt LPLP I switched to ati 4350. I only switched b/c the 9600gt had audio passthrough on the HDMI and the motherboard had no digital out to pass into the 9600gt. I use the audio built into the 4350 an walla perfect. Just don't expect to play games well the 9600gt could have but not at 1080p.

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