Busted 9500 GS? Upgrade to 5670?

Long story short, I had to take out my video card from my HP m9300t desktop computer to disconnect a very noisy broken fan. After putting it back in, the screen always goes black after about 15 seconds during startup in Vista. This includes going into safe mode, recovery mode, last know good configuration, diagnostics and every other option that I can think of. The screen will always go black, even if I am just sitting at a menu. PS my monitor is connected to the DVI port, in case that matters.

Assuming that I broke the video card, can I just buy a new one and plug it in without first using windows to install/uninstall drivers etc??? I have no way to get to my desktop due to the above issue, and I dont have an onboard video card.

I really would like to upgrade to a radeon 9500 since the 9500 GS pretty much sucks. I would really like avoiding spending close to 100 dollars, only to figure out later that I wasted my money for some reason currently unknown to me.

Is it possible another component of my PC is damaged?

So if anyone has an answer of what the best course of action is or any general advice, that would be great. Thanks!
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  1. i meant radeon 5670, not 9500
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