Using 720P Television in Budget PC Gaming Build (1366x768)

Hey guys I wanted to get back into PC gaming on the cheap and I already own a 32' 720P television and would like to use it for gaming. However the televisions native resolution is 1366x768, which I am aware is not even 16:9 perfectly or a high resolution in any sense, but this is not the problem.

I would plan on playing games in this resolution and that would be the primary purpose of this computer. With that in mind I was looking for video cards to buy to put in my budget machine. While I looked at cards like the 6850 and GTX 460 I am beginning to question with such a low resolution whether those cards may not even be necessary (unless someone persuades me otherwise and I can be persuaded). So theres my dillemma.

If its still necessary for me to get a 6850 I'm totally cool with it, but if a 5770 will essentially demolish all games at this resolution I guess there's not reason to spend the extra money. I am confused I guess, I will be grateful for answers.

More info,

I would like to play the following games on this television@ 1368x768 in the highest detail level possible

COD Black Ops
Just Cause 2
Crysis & Crysis Warhead
Battlefield BC2
NBA 2K11
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  1. you should be fine with the 5770 with all of the games at the res... my laptop's 3650 can run badco2 at that resolution at minimum spec. im not saying its pretty but just for a comparison. however the two cards u mentioned would be better because right now you will be able to max games out and in the later on down the road you can still be using that card (that is if you don't plan to upgrade soon if you want to play at the highest detail levels)
  2. Okay then so I guess you are saying even at 1368x768 it is worth it to get the 6850/460 because of the fact newer games will still push a card like the 5770 to the max over the next year or two despite the low resolution on this monitor (Television)?

    Thanks I'll select your answer as best if this is true.
  3. yes in a year or two (or even some games right now if you max them out) will be pushing the 5770. no doubt that it is a good card for the price but i think you will be happier with the 6850 down the road. also the 6850 has some very good scaling so in crassfire it will perform very well. that is another thing down the road when the 6850 gets even cheaper you can get a 2nd to extend the life of it even more (how ever you could also to that with the 5770 if you have the pcie slots for it)
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