PC Shuts down right after turning on

Hello guys,

My less than a year old PC is stressing me out. Last week it started to just turn off by itself after getting to the windows desktop. I would turn it back on and it would get to the desktop again only to turn off again. It did not matter if I was in safe mode or not.

I would keep turning it back on until it finally stayed on. Well, just yesterday it would only turn on for 1 or maybe 2 seconds and would turn off.

I have tried turning it on without the memory but I get no beeps, but the computer does not turn off, just a black screen.

My specs are listed below:


SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ


G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB)

i5-750 Lynnfield 2.66GHz

ASUS P7P55D-E Pro LGA 1156

Can you guys please tell me what may be the problem? Thank you in advance for all your help!
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  1. HellO!

    Please test your psu with the paperclip test!

  2. Because it does turn on and runs for a while it's not a short issue so testing the power supply reset won't matter.
    If your power supply doesn't have short circuit protection your in real trouble anyway.
    Do you have another power supply handy and a cpu?
    and are all the clocks set to their stated settings. If you overclocked it then oh well.
    Also if you added something recently remove it. See if that helps.
    It almost sounds like your system hard drive is acting up, data corrupt and/or virus.
    Just start it, go to bios and see if it can run fine there and check out what it shows for your cpu temp. If it can run in the bios then it's a software problem or your boot harddrive is going bad or lost some critical data.
    Also do a cleaning job on it, make sure you don't have dust clogging the power supply and cpu heatsinks/video card heatsink issue. Just something to check out. I live in a dusty area and have had heat problems but this doesn't sound like what you got.
    Have you made an image backup of your disk that you could put a known clean software setup back on. You might try booting from your windows disk and see if you can do any software repairs. Or a harddrive boot disk to check out your drives.
    If you can somehow get it booted and stay out of windows and it runs fine then I'd say put another hard drive in and reinstall windows and see if it works ok with that. If so I would not trust your current windows setup or the hard drive it's on.
    Ok, those are some things to look at anyway.
    I have the same kind of case and I had a real bugger of a time as it would short something out when I put my motherboard in. I got blinking power lights and could not find the short. Put in one screw at a time till all the motherboard screws were on and it worked. weird. I didn't do anything different in the long run but something was weird trying to get it into that case. Had to reset the power supply to get it working again like mentioned but when it was out nothing would work, no fans, nothing. Unless your power supply is starting to go out on you because of a heat related issue with a defective part there is little you can do about that. Because it would run for a while and shut down made me think it's a heat related issue.
  3. What does it look like when your initial problem happens? A BSOD, or instant black, or what?
    When I overclock too high, I often reach the desktop and then bluescreen.
  4. It just turns off. No error messages/BSOS whatsoever. I have tried going into the bios, but it would just turn off also. Now it would only boot up for 1 or 3 seconds max and would just turn off. Thanks for the replies guys, I greatly appreciate your help and insight.
  5. Hi, me again. Sorry that all we can do is a lot of guessing not being there so to say is a real headthumper... LOL..
    opps, not funny situation I know. Do you have another power supply? If you can get one borrowed or have one handy give it a try.
    Also you might try taking everything off of the system except the PS and the motherboard but leave a fan attached and try powering it up and see if the fan stays running. It might help point to the trouble if you can find any stability and add one component at a time till you get it to fail.
    It just may be your power supply is on it's last legs. It seems to be a power issue as my best guess, something is drawing more than the PS can supply and it shuts down from either overloading or a failure with the PS it's self.
    I'm only guessing though, wish I could see it.
    There is one more thing to try, you know there are two pins on the power supply motherboard connector pins 20 and 24, short them for a sec, this will turn the power supply on. It's fan should run and see if it stays running or shuts it's self off. It it does then it's the power supply.
    I can only guess that if it's not the power supply then something is overloading it shutting the power supply down. It helps to have a few extra parts laying around.
    When things go bad a lot of times they get hot to a point to where they go into thermal runaway drawing huge power loads until it shuts the power supply down before you get to the real good pop sound of a chip blowing up. It would help if you had a multimeter to check each voltage to see if it's good. And keep it on while you load the system to see if the voltage drops. A o-scope would be so much better but they area not a cheap or common item to have. And the only way to find it which is very hard is to isolate each part and add them one at a time. But start with the power supply first and go from there. Add the motherboard then add cpu then video card and so on one at a time while the other stuff is not connected. Like add cpu, then remove cpu and add video card, remove and add memory and so on. This is just to see if one of them is shutting the power supply down while hooked into the motherboard.
    It's the best I can offer. I've thought up everything I can. Sorry you got a problem. The hardest ones to solve are parts on the edge of complete failure. And make sure everything is clean, no dust and make sure nothing is loose or something metal wasn't dropped on to it.
    Good luck..
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