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Okay so I keep looking around for graphics cards and I keep finding great deals on cards. Like an Ati radeon 4850 for $60 that has been refurbished, but if i buy on of these at this price or any other good card at a good price, is it still worth it even if it will be put into a pentium 4 until I get a future system.
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  1. Your Pentium 4 (whatever it's speed) would bottleneck the HD 4850. You can still use the card, but not to it's full potential. The HD 4850 was a high end card, but it is basically considered a mid range card right now.
  2. Stick with your card CPU/GPU until you get yourself a new system. Don't waste money on P4. I have it, I considered buying a new GPU, I changed my mind. Wait for your new system :) What is your current graphics card?
  3. Right now I have a 8400GS and it really sucks haha, I'm not going to lie. I just figure that I will get the 4850 even with the bottleneck because I will only be using my system probably for another year until i will be able to afford a new one. Besides the card I'm going to get is only $60
  4. Good luck with your purchase.
  5. Even with your old P4 you should see a pretty good upgrade from a crappy 8400GS. If you have a single core system though, it will probably only be as good as a $55 5570 for you. You will of course get more out of it if you have a dual core system, or at least Hyper Threading. Overclocking your CPU will also help (turn your PC into a winter heater :D ). Exactly which P4 do you have?
  6. Personally I would say that a 8400gs is to weak even for a p4 lol. Good luck with your new card.
  7. I have a Pentium 4 3.00GHZ HT so I do have hyperthreading but I don't think that really means much. And yes I have to agree with you there nforce4max hahaha. To be honest I never knew how capable computers where besides everyday tasks until I learned about the gaming aspect of it. These things can put out some insane resolutions.
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