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which is better i5-750 or i5-2400?
on average,which is better,i3 or core 2 duo?
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  1. Well, that's easy to answer - i5-2400 and i3.
  2. 0.are you sure,i am a gamer,and 750 has 8Mb cache while 2400 has 6Mb.
    1.what matters more,cache or clock speed?
    2.any other processor better than these 2 from intel within same price range as they are and an amd's equivalent procesor to these two.
  3. I'm sure. The superior architecture of Sandy Bridge outperforms Nehalem in benchmarks.

    Just have a look,112.html
  4. For gaming the larger cache size on the older i5s is not really an advantage. The sandy bridge i5s will outperform the old ones consistently in gaming scenarios. Besides, at this point LGA 1156 is EOL and there is no upgrade path without a motherboard change. LGA 1155 will hopefully last longer.
  5. thanks,very much
  6. muzamalasif said:
    thanks,very much

    please take an i5 2400.
    Here is a benchmark
  7. You should also add that with a good h67 mobo!
  8. Also consider a i5-2500k. The price difference between that and the i5-2400 shouldn't be big, but the i5-2500k overclocks like a beast.
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