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I have an HP 8 GB system with a 512 mb graphic card.My problem is that I can not complete a project without my program constantly locking up and then havingto reboot my computer. I was thinking of upgrading to a 1 gb video card and hoping that would solve the problem..but pinnacle specs only require a video card half the size of the one I have. What do you think the problem is and what can I do ? Thanks
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  1. Make sure the memory is set to the proper timings and voltage from the BIOS, also that you're running a 64-bit OS.

    Does it only happen on pinnacle studio or other programs also?

    Download and run HWmonitor and prime95, let hwmonitor run in the background while also running a prime95 blend test, let them both run for a couple hours, then post max cpu and gpu temperatures here.
  2. Thanks for the reply..I do have a 64 bit OS .This is a brand new computer however I have noticed that it will occassionally shut down even when I'm just on the internet. I am running Windows 7. Because I have had it 60 days..Best Buys will not allow me to return it..also I have no viruses...I'll try down loading the programs you suggested and see what happens..Thanks again
  3. also ..I have a Radeon 5450 series graphic card that came with the I would assume the BIOS ...timings and volyage should be correct ?
  4. When I say memory I mean RAM not video memory.

    Sounds like it well could be an overheating issue, the cpu shut itself down to avoid damage when the temperature is too high.
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