Case with externally accessible fan filters?

Hi all!

This is my first post here, so I apologize if I miss any protocol. I did a search and didn't find any info.

It's been a number of years since I built a new system, so I'm brushing up on what's out there again. I currently have an Antec Nine Hundred case. I've been generally happy with it, but I have a couple gripes.

First, I want to be able to access the fan filters on the front and side of the case without having to take the whole stinking case apart to get at them.

Second, it's a bit large. I know it certainly helps with cooling, but my desk space is limited and it's eating up a lot of room.

Can anyone suggest any cases that fit both criteria? Don't really care too much about anything else (other than still needs to have good cooling since I plan to have dual GTX 480s or something similar and possibly OC the CPU.

Does anyone even make a case that has fan filters that are accessible without opening up the case? I'd love to be able to just periodically pull those out, clean them off and throw them back in without even shutting down.

Thank you!!
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  1. Compressed air duster cleans filters off rather well...

    Um but to fit your exact criteria, I can't think of any. Then again I don't keep up with all the latest cases. But the Lanboy Air looks... well, interesting at least. It's by Antec.
  2. In Win Dragon Slayer is nice.
    Front panels come off for dusting of one fan, and the mesh side panel slides off without disturbing anything for easy access to the other front and the back and top fans.
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    I just remembered the Antec Dark Fleet. The front fans can flip open like a door, allowing you to pull out the filter. Not sure where the switch is to lock it though, but it's a nice improvement over having to unscrew the drive bays.
  4. The Antec 900 is IMHO not so large. Dual GTX 480's (not recommended if you are making a new purchase) will require a larger case with better airflow (don't take this comment as my disregard to the 900's cooling ability though).
  5. Thanks for the replies. I like both of those cases.

    Emperus, so the 480s won't even fit in a mid tower? And are you suggesting dual 480s isn't a good idea too?
  6. The biggest reason 480s aren't great right now is the 5xx series. The GTX 570s perform about the same but are better cards overall. But they can fit inside the right mid tower, the 900 for example you can leave the middle drive bay empty and cards can fit inside there, so even a 6990 would fit.
  7. Ah, ok, wow, yea, I didn't even think that the 500 series would be about the same prices. I was really hoping to shrink my case size, but I found another Antec, the DF-85 black, that looks really nice and has the front fans on a hinge you can open up, so I might go with that.

    Is there somewhere I can see card size comparisons so I can make sure everything fits if I do try a mid tower?
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