EVGA GTX 460 768MB

I want to know when i play COD BLACK OPS with 1600*900 resolution my GPU temperature goes to 75c is it normal with this GPU?
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  1. NO. I have an MSI GTX 460 768 which uses the reference cooler and it never goes above 60 degrees Celsius. In fact, it usually stays below 50. Use MSI Afterburner to check the fan speed of your graphics card, and make sure that your case has sufficient cooling capabilities.
  2. The person above this answered this way too soon, and without asking the proper questions to get an accurate answer for you. Lot's of things can affect your temps.

    a) do you only have 1 monitor, or are you running multiple monitors from the same card

    b) whats the rest of the cooling in your case like. Do you have a custom airflow setup or did you throw the card into a pre-built dell machine with a dell case.

    c) whats the temperature like in your case? check your cpu temps, case temps, etc.

    d) what do you idle? if you idle at 35c and spike at 75 in black ops, then no that's not normal. But do you have a very warm case to begin with and is your idle temp around 45-55?
  3. As long as you do not cross 85 degrees regularly, there is no need to worry. Though those temps are a bit high, they're still acceptable.
  4. Yes it's normal.
    Load temp depends on the room temperature/case air flow Etc.But according to reviews, 70c(or something around that) is normal.
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    EVGA GTX 460 768MB
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    EVGA GTX 460 768MB

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