Looking for my bottle neck

Hello, everyone!

I'd like to offer my computer specs to you:
DX58so Mobo
3x2gb OCZ ddr3-1600
ATI 5770x2 in crossfire.
Corsair 750w PSU
WD Black edition 640gb HDD
27" ASUS @ 1080p

From my brief description, what could be holding my system back from greatness? I figured with what i have i should be able to run games in the highest possible settings, but this is not the case.
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  1. Your CPU is fine but you can buy an aftermarket HS and OC it. Your CF is a bit better than a single HD 6870. I would wait for the new AMD 7xxx series later this year.
  2. 5770 xfire is very good, but not great. From a little googling, two of those are roughly equal to one 5870.
    Your system doesn't seem too bottlenecked (roughly even GPU/CPU, I think) but neither is fantastic.
  3. Just like Mosox has pointed out, get a good aftermarket cooler and overclock that processor to somewhere about 3.6 GHz (not much sure here if that Intel board had potent overclocking features).
  4. Make sure that your drivers are updated as well. 5770's stays cool, so as long as you have decent ventilation, you have enough power headroom to overclock them as well.
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