Top 10 antivirus for windows 7 ultimate and internet security latest verison

top 10 antivirus for window7 and which does not mke pc hang i.e slow and it should be for internet security also
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  1. Microsoft Security Essentials.
  2. avira free edition,malewarebytes free edition,free pc tools firewall plus!

    light too!
  3. AVG Internet Security
  4. I have been using Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite as my primary (active) for last 3 years at home and office ... no issues at all.

    Secondary (scheduled , non active) for nightly scans is F-prot which i have been using for 17 years .... cost me about $3 a seat. Home license for 5 PC's is $29.
  5. Top 10?
    I appreciate very much some of this antivirus suites and internet security as all-around apps. This is not a top order, just preferences. I strongly recommend the use of a good internet security suite, never a free one, if u are doing banking, online payments- shopping,PayPal operations . All 2010 editions are allot better than the previous ones.(special for Symatec Norton)
    Kaspersky Internet Security
    G DATA Internet Security
    Norton Internet Security
    Eset NOD-32 Internet Security
    BitDefender Antivirus

    They area all very good, is a matter of particular needs when u choose.(like child internet surf protection, or flash filters, spam filter,etc)
    All of those offer anti\ spyware, malware, ad-ware,viruses, phishing protection at high level.
  6. avast has been go to me..
  7. I have been pleased with Microsoft security essentials. They are the only ones that have ever caught anything for me:

    It is unobtrusive and very low resource usage.
  8. I 3rd MS Security Essentials, and it's free.
  9. The free versions are the better choice as in > AVG/AVEST/Security essentials ect.

    I would not recommend using the paid versions aspecially NORTON ! < this one will attract viruses like flys around sh!t (excuss my language) the reason being the clever people that make viruses like to target the big paid versions knowing that the average person who goes to PC world will buy this and are normally the ones to fall victim to password & credit card theft, you dont have to be a brain surgeon to work this out its all about attacking the wider market and where the money is.
  10. Bitdefender Antivirus is one of the best antivirus for Window 7.
  11. free ones --- avast/avg/mse

    i think AVG allows MSE to run along while avast doesnt.(Correct me if i am wrong)
  12. Anyone who says AVG or Norton needs shot!

    Nod32 Nuff Said!
  13. avira free hands down!
  14. christop said:
    avast has been go to me..
    Avast is good for me...'
  15. I am using ESET on my laptop and notebook with W7 and it work wonders.....
  16. AVG and Norton are the best.
  17. I bought my ESET NOD32 at a great price. From a company called:
    This website:
  18. comodo internet security - 32 and 64-bit versions - check it out
    free, award winning, excellent reviews besides mine, plenty of tools and user friendly..
  19. Mine is best.. and I have no evidence! I personally use Norton and it has been fine for me with a couple exceptions possibly due to user error.

    Here is a link to Maximum PC's Mega anti-virus review:
  20. Vipre is a win for me. I can't believe how lite it is. Not to mention the ability for me to shut that thing at will for using certain game trainers. Other anti-viruses probably could do that but I wouldn't know. I'm sticking w/ Vipre.
  21. I thinks the ZenOK version 1.0.6 is a good one
    and it includes online backup
  22. You might want to differentiate ones that are:

    Always running in the background trying to stop anything coming in, AND being able to scan.


    Ones that you have to run the scan to catch anything.
  23. heavenhated said:
    free ones --- avast/avg/mse

    i think AVG allows MSE to run along while avast doesnt.(Correct me if i am wrong)

    no u r wrong .........avast allows all the antivirus to run along with it ..whether it was avg or MSE
  24. + another for Microsoft Security Essentials. My favourite by a long shot.
  25. this thread is a year old time to terminate it!
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