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Hi all,
I'm currently playing against a Sol as Privateer with a lot of Fed
Nocturnes and Banshees to sweep the mines. Since a few turns I'm inside
the targeting range of the StellarTargeter of his HW. Docs speak of
minimizing the damage of the blast with grav mines. So I simmed some
situatuions, but I can't see any difference between 3 gravs, 6 or even
12. Most of Nocturnes, Banshees and Red Wind are killed, but always
some of them survive. All surviving ships (some small ship as
Nocturnes and all the larger ships as skyfire skuller) have absolutely
no damage after this blast. Can anybody explain the way these
StellarTargeter works exactly as well as when the firing happens, after
movement? Thanks

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    For all I know the protection with the help of grav mines was canceled
    some time ago (or it was never implemented first place). The device
    works at end of turn, after movement, and he has to target an object.
    Ships of the same type should all take about the same damage (mass
    dependent). Less damage for ships a bit away from the main target (up
    to 20ly I think).
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    Correct... the minefield protection idea was cancelled before
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    In my simulation as well as in real game I had identical Nocturnes. 2
    out of 6 Nocturnes survived the blast with no damage. That's a bit
    strange than, all of them were on the same position.
    Anyway Tim, could you please add for the ships that got destroyed a
    hull break message? I only receive the message, 5 secondary explosions.

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    Strange, damage on every ship at the same point at end of turn should
    be same.
    Maybe other ships get some other damage (minefields).
    Hull break message would be appreciated.
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    Have they been at the same poition at the start or the end of the turn?
    The SML fires after movement!
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