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I'm new here, so I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post. Anyway, I wanna but a new sound card for my pc. The thing is, I can't buy anything that costs me more than U$50,00 because I live in Brazil, spending more than that means problem (when shipping). So, I was looking around at Ebay and I found this one, (‏) it's is a refurbished one, but since the seller is pretty trustable (99.4% positive feedback) I believe it's safe.
Well, my question is, is this a good sound card, worth that price? Should I go for it? Or maybe buy something else?
Thanks in advance for anyone who reads this topic, and I hope someone can help me! :)
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  1. Eh, I'd point you toward the ASUS Xonar DS over the ExtremeGamer.
  2. extreme gamer is ok but it is bottom of the line as far as hardware acceleration is concerned on the creative range. the xonar cards at a similar price are better.
    i have the XG and im happy with it because it works well as my backup when my g930's are on charge. but if i was using it as a main card i would want something different.
  3. Thanks for the replies!
    Do you know where can I find someone that ships that card worldwide, cause thats is my problem. And it + shippment gotta be under U$50,00.
  4. since hardware accelerationf ro audio isnt done anymore.. its the asus for the DAC.
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