Size diffrence between gts 250, gts 450 and gtx 460?

my pailt gts 250 barely fits my case (I dont know my case length) I was wondering if gts 450 and gtx 460 will fit in my case?

my case length is 15 inches

sorry for bad english
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  1. Well, all you need to do is get a measuring tape and measure the distance between the back and the HDD Cage in your case.
    The question you've asked is pretty vague even from a schoolboy point of view, you can't be serious when you say you don't know what the case dimensions are? It doesn't take a geek to help you to measure the case dimensions.....
  2. You can find the forum where to ask this kind of question, but you can't find the official nvidia website?

    Click on specifications, scroll down. It says: 9 inches long. I will let you find out yourself what the other cards' lengths are.
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