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I have a notebook with OpenGL graphic from Nvidia (Quadro FX570M) which works great. (Windows Vista installed)
The only problem is that many games that my son wants to play are not working properly. (i.e. Rome Total War and Harry Potter Lego 1-4)
DirectX is installed but still the computer keeps bluescreening or just stops the games.

I am not an expert but would think that DirectX is not working properly on my graphic card.
The driver version ( is not the newest one but with notebooks the driver has to come from the manufacturer of the notebook (Fujitsu Siemens) and cannot be downloaded from Nvidia. :-(

Can anybody help me with my problem? Maybe I am totally wrong and have another problem???? BTW, all patches from the game developer are installed.

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  1. Try downloading a driver from laptopvideo2go. I had to do that with an old Everex (manufactured by Fujitsu) laptop I had. I saw a driver specifically for Quadro listed on their homepage.
  2. Chances are that it is overheating. Your notebook wasn't meant for gaming but professional work such as Autocad and 3DSMax. You can give updating the drivers a shot but don't count on it being the magic bullet.
  3. If it is overheating, it could be related to how the computer is being used. Laptops don't breath well on a lap or soft surface. They are designed to work on table surfaces or you plug up the ventilation.
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