Best confuguration in Ati Radeon 5650 to watch the movies

What is the best configuration we have to set our graphics card to watch all qualities of movies.
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  1. "Default Settings"! :)

    The question is a bit tricky! But need more details about your complete specs.
  2. ur question is not clear. tell abt it in details and gve ur specs
  3. Dear All,

    The question is nt tricky.

    i will explain this. My laptop has full hd ( 1080 ) , i think this is better to watch the videos when compare with normal lcd. And my graphics card is ati radeon hd 5650. it has an option to set the brightness, contrast, colr virbrnce, fleshtone, pulldown dete, brighter white, dynamic range ....etc. There is an option to set for an good configuration. i must say the default setting is not good to watch all qualities of movies. when i watch the movies with defualt setting there is not visible some dark part of video image ...and same i could seen in normal laptop ( without graphics card ). if anybody experienced with graphics card ?
    they can tell..

    hope my qustion is clear...
  4. I think those are Windows settings from Control panel that you are talking about... right?

    It all depends on your preference. Tinker around with the settings and see which one you like most.
  5. it not about windows - it is graphics card setting
  6. actually I have the same exact question, is this particular VGA card poor/average/good/excellent/perfect for watching high definition movies?
  7. On the taskbar>click 'show hidden icons'>right click on 'Color:32 Bpp'>Catalyst Control Centre>click on Defaults
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