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Red stndby light on mobo / possible ram fail?

i'm a long time googler and have often found my way to threads on these boards in the years of my computer troubles, so i decided to register in order to seek a solution to my problem.

okay so this is what's up. i have an old desktop built back in like 2004 i got from my friend who had the local lan center build it for him. it's a piece of crap compared to computers now. 40 gig hard drive, half a gig of ram, and a perhaps faulty ati radeon card. now my problem is getting it to boot up successfully. for the first year i had it, it worked fine. soon after, i would be getting weird messages from my monitor going into power save mode. so i switched monitors (to a bigger one, too) and it stopped, but only for a short time. now when i go to boot it up i get one long beep followed very abruptly by too quick beeps, and my monitor wont even come on, so i don't even know if the computer successfully booted because i have no other monitor. for a few months i was able to get it to boot without issues by putting the ram into the third slot instead of the first.

i have no idea what the problem is here, as i'm not very good with hardware; i just stick to programming.

any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance, and i'm hoping i posted this in the right place.
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    here is your answer graphic card
  2. thanks for the quick reply. i was kind of hoping it would of been a memory problem, as i can afford some more ram...not a new video card lol.

    thanks though again for the quick reply.
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