How does a power supply work


I was wondering how a power supply works.Not exactly how it works but what are the Volts, amps +&- shown on them.

I was reading this article but does not say much more

for example this 1000W psu,

if you go to tech specs, it will show you a graphic of the power produced(Corsair HX1000W Specifications: Model CMPSU-1000HX) with all the V,A,and the total power at the bottom.

I hope I'm clear enough because I'm so confused and want to

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  1. This is one of the better articles on power supplies...
  2. Thanks for the link, it contains a lot of information, even more than the article is for.

    I ve been reading a lot..I'm in page 11, also read some of the links it provides so that I can understand some things.

    Do you think you can tell me of any app to check my psu if its not much to ask..
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