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i want to know best card to play games listed star wars galaxies, eve online, final fantasy 11/14 ever quest 2 and show up (for gf) i want to play these on max settings lowest lag with coolest temp card. and cheapest best card to do so.
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  1. What is your PSU and monitor resolution? -.-
  2. right now its amd, 64 x2 1280x1024, but my cooling lock bracket broke on motherboard for cpu so i need to buy a new one. i upgraded a lot all ready on my old pc 6 gig ram ddr2 1333 new power 600 watts and so forth i have currently a gts 250 in it. i am going to switch motherboard and cpu to these and switch out ddr2 ram for ddr3 ones.
    this is what i was going to switch for already.
  3. Stick with the GTS 250 if you plan to play games with that monitor. It's more than enough.
  4. gts 250 runs really hot so much so i need a out side fan to keep it cool too through the side of pc. so i need one that runs a lot cooler
  5. GT 240 or HD 5670. You don't need anything higher than that.
  6. ok tyvm my biggest concern was heat if gt 240 or 5670 will run the games max with little or no lag i try them
  7. Yup, at that resolution they will max out those games no problem. 5670 is a bit more powerful than GT 240, but both are enough. If you want to get the GT 240, get the GDDR5 512MB version of it, as that is the best version of the 240s.
  8. tigrc said:
    GT 240 or HD 5670. You don't need anything higher than that.

    Even low resolutions can benefit greatly from better cards than those.
    If you are specifically looking for something low power and cool I'd recommend either the HD5750 or HD5770. The HD5750 will be a small upgrade over your GTS 250 and the HD5770 a decent one. Both are DX11 and very power efficient.
  9. Will the listed games benefit?
  10. At least Galaxies and FFIV would. If you plan on moving to KOTOR when released I'm sure that will benefit from higher end cards as well.
  11. tyvm for all responses. and yes i would want to step up to kotor when out. i found this chart from this web sit.
    so i looked up cards u mentioned and others.
    i found this one here.
    its in my price range so do u guys think this will run the games that i stated and hold good on kotor
  12. That card is overkill unless you are going to upgrade your monitor, especially the 2gb of memory. If you want something very good for your resolution for a while to come the most you should reasonably consider in the GTX 460 768mb IMO. Anything beyond that is going to be of questionable use. Even an HD5770 really is extremely good for low resolutions.
    For your reference here is a performance chart for your resolution.
  13. could u recommend a good monitor that is ether led-lcd or lcd that could go with that gtx 460 2g card i wouldn't mind upgrading monitor for better game play. but cant be above 250 usd.
  14. A bigger monitor is actually a good idea. There's a huge difference in gaming on a small low res display vs a much larger HD one. I still wouldn't recommend that card however. There are better models/brands and for not much more you could get an HD6870 or GTX 470 which are better cards.
    Picking out a monitor is in general kind of a personal thing. People have different preferences for size, resolution, aspect ratio, pixel density, response rate, viewing angles, contrast ratio, etc. It would be best if you could visit a local store that has a bunch of monitors on display for customers to check out so you can see what you personally prefer.
    If you just want something that is a decent and a good deal for the money Newegg often has some nice deals on Asus monitors like this one;
    In general this is a good spot to keep an eye on for good deals on monitors;
  15. i prefer to stay with nvidia so out of 470's what name brand and such would u recommend.
  16. thank you all u made my pc upgrading very easy. /deep bow.. if i have any more "?" i ask again.
  17. We will be happy to help :) good luck with your purchase.
  18. This card is the one I would get;
    There was recently a deal for one that was $230 before rebate and $200 after. If you aren't in a rush you may want to hold off and keep an eye out for a similar deal. Also the GTX 560 will supposedly be released this month and will probably be similar or a bit better in performance(vs 470) with improved power efficiency.
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