Installed fans now higher temps

So I have an Antec 300 midtower case. It came with a top 140mm fan and a rear 120.

2 additional fans (all 3fans 120) in the front and one on the side right on top of the vid card (gtx460).

Before the 3 optional 120mm fans were installed i'd get an idle temp of 30C on my vid card. Now it idles at 40.

On the other hand my cpu temps have gone down by 1-2C.

DId I install them wrong? I installed the fans with the stickers facing out.
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  1. You should be able to tell which way they're pushing. Note which way they turn when you power them up, then see which way the blades are scooping.
    Did this happen abruptly? That is, are you sure it was caused by the fans? If it's easy, unplug them again and see if the temps drop again. If it wasn't that abrupt, it could just be the advent of summer.
  2. Front, Side, Bottom ----> Intake
    Rear, Top ----> Exhaust

    Try to balance the Intake and the Exhaust. If not, try to get them within about 15% by adding up the CFMs for the fans.

    Don't worry too much about positive pressure and negative pressure. You will get as many answers as the people you ask.
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