Quick question about this mobo

i recently bought this mobo


on the top left it has 2x 4pin connectors.

atm i only have 1 plugged in and iam using am2 3800+ windors going to upgrade eventually

why question is when and should i plug in both 4pins.
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  1. Yes, both should be plugged in to supply power to the cpu. The reason it's working at the moment (and it won't for long) is that the cpu's power is all being drawn through the single connector. Not a good situation. If you stress the system, you can melt down the connector.

    Hook up the second four pins asap.
  2. If you notice the 8 pin connector came with a cap over four of the pins so that you only have to plug in the four pin connector and if you plan on overclocking then you would plug it the other four pin connector.

    Though this motherboard provides 8-pin ATX 12V power connector,
    it can still work if you adopt a traditional 4-pin ATX 12V power
    supply. To use the 4-pin ATX power supply, please plug your
    power supply along with Pin 1 and Pin 5.
  4. i plugged in both and is working fine.

    thanks for the reply
  5. That is one of the options that you have but just so you know it would have worked fine with just the four pin as well.
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