Screen always goes black after reinstalling video card



I had to remove and reinstall my 9500 GS video card in order to fix a broken fan. After reinserting the card and starting up Vista, the screen always goes black after about 15 seconds. This occurs even if I hold F8/F10 etc and just sit on those menus.

So basically, the screen goes black regardless of is Vista is loading normally, or if I am just sitting at any of the menus that can be loaded right after startup.

Is my video card broken, or could it possibly be my motherboard as well? I want to upgrade to a new video card but that would be a complete waste if I have a more serious problem.

Or could there be another problem/solution? Thanks for any help!!
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  1. Do you have integrated graphics to test? If so, plug your monitor into your integrated graphics port and see what happens.
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