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Are PWM Fans worth it for CPU Cooling?

Ok, I already have a couple thread going, asking questions related to this one, here.

BUT, 1 quick, to the point question.

Are 4-pin PWM fans worth the cost for CPU cooling?

My setup will be a Antec Kuhler H20 620 Liquid Cooling System, with 2x120mm fans set up in a push/pull configuration. The original fan (1) plugs into the pump, and the pump is only a 3-pin connector. The manual says to plug it into a CPU fan header, but I will plug it into a 3-pin PWR fan header (100% all the time). The question is for the fans, not the pump.

My mobo is a Asus P8Z68-V Pro, with lots of fan headers; being 3-pin and 4-pin; CPU, PWR and Case fans. Plenty of combinations, and ALL will be used.

I know you can plug in a 3-pin case fan to the 4-pin header w/o issue; it'll just start slower, and be at 100% all the time.

So would you spend the money ($22 vs. $8)? On which fan (Xigmatek, Scythe)? Local pickings are limited!

Ok, more than 1 quick question....
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    The CPU fan is the most important fan in the entire system! Yes, it is worth the money to get a PWM fan of good quality. Scythe would be my pick.
  2. Yes, PWM fans are definitely worth the cost. Not just for CPU, but for case fans too and they don't usually cost much more than regular ones. I've been using GELID fans lately and they are quiet and move a lot of air.
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  4. Well, I got 3 PWM fans, the last 3 120mm at Micro Center in my town.

    They were $21.99 each, but newegg had them for $11.99, but they wouldn't get them to me soon enough. I fininshed the build yesterday, installing OS right now.

    The Scythe Kama Flow's, cooling the radiator in a push/pull set up, each plugged intot a CPU Fan header, are only running a 600-700 rpm, when they are 2000rpm fans. But this might be the mobo controling them.

    The other on is the side panel fan, and it's going at 1000+rpm, when it's a 1800rpm fan. So.......

    Anyways, thanks mates. Cheers!
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