Whats the cheapest 450 psu for Ati 5770 use?

I have a Dell Inspiron 530 with a ATX 300w Bestec ( I'm thinking of buying a Radeon 5770 and the indicated requirements ( show I need 450 watt's with a 75 watt 6 pin pci express power connector.

I have another card I considered first that I can afford but this is what I really want. I noticed that there are cheap psu's being sold for like 10-15 dollars. I know they wont last long, but I have to go the cheap route at this point. What is the cheapest 450 psu I can buy that has the connector required for the 5770 and all the rest of the connectors the Bestec has so I can power everything else. Forgive me if I sound kinda retarded as this is the first time I ever really explored anything about psu's.

One thing im afraid of... My mobo supports pcie1. Its my understanding that pcie 2 will run but 2.1 (like the 5770) is hit or miss. I read that someone is using a 2.1 card with the same model computer I have im going to take the risk. The thing is... I know the slot pcie 2 and 2.1 slots push more power than the pcie 1 slots. Im afraid that even if the mobo does accept the card.. that there wont be enough "combined" power from the slot its self and the power connector to run the card. Should I be concerned there?

Thanks you for your time. Sorry for the novel guys.
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  1. Here is a 430 Watts for $25 after rebate:

    This is a 500 Watts for $40 after rebate:

    Corsair is a good reputable brand for PSUs as well as for RAM.
  2. Thank you for guys for the reply. Sadly, those are out of my price range. Im looking for something very very cheap. Sub $20 would be excellent (before or with no rebate.)
  3. I think I might of found something. Can someone confirm if this has all the same connectors my current psu have plus the one I need?
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    You don't want that PSU, its junk.

    If you NEED to buy a $20 PSU, you should instead buy a cheaper GPU so you can afford something at least like that 430W Corsair. Don't risk your computer on a cheap $20 (literally in this case) PSU.
  5. I hear you. Ill just get the 5670 card to put me on the playing field until im really ready to go beyond. Thanks for the help.
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  7. Good idea. If your gaming at 1440x900 or 800 then the 5670 should do a fine job. You should be safe to use that stock PSU as well.
  8. Those Corsair CX were such junk they already are on Version 2.3. LOL
  9. geekapproved said:
    Those Corsair CX were such junk they already are on Version 2.3. LOL

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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