USB 3.0 20-pin Case to USB 3.0 10-pin mobo problem


I have a case with a proper USB 3.0 cable that has the 20-pin connector. However, the mobo has two 10-pin USB 3.0 headers. Is there a cable solution to convert the 10-pin mobo USB 3.0 headers to a male 20-pin connector for the female 20-pin case cable?

Thanks for your time!
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  1. What is your mobo?
  2. This particular one is a Gigabyte, but that isn't important. It has 10 pin headers that are USB 3.0. One header per USB 3.0 port.

    I am looking for a cable solution that doesn't involve 15 pieces and a bunch of type A ends to get from the 20-pin cable to the 2 10-pin headers.

  3. Well, it looks like there must be no cable made to do this. Even the case manufacturer has pointed me to an add-in card for $30 more per build.

    It seems that I will have to make my own cables for this. Why isn't anyone doing that now? The parts in quantity would be of minimal cost. It should cost about $5 for one complete adapter cable. It will cost me more than $15 for the parts, per case, at these low quantities.
  4. What is your mobo and the case?
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