Upgrade compatibility for my inspiron 1420 laptop, ram.


I am thinking about upgrading my laptop's cpu.

It's a dell inspiron 1420, which currently has a t2370 processor. I was thinking about replacing it with a p9600.

They are both socket P, so I thought at first they should be compatible, but the P9600 has a FSB speed of 1066MHz and the current processor's FSB speed is 533MHz, which is also the speed of the ram.

So my question is: If I put in the p9600 would there be an issue with the laptop's ram which is ddr2-533MHz?

I'm pretty confused, so sorry if the question is put in a confusing way. I am assuming also that I cannot also put ddr3 1066MHz ram in this laptop...

any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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  1. For that you would have to contact the laptop manufacturers. They will let you know the details. But in all fairness... it would cost you a bomb and many don't even allow it.
  2. According to the manual:
    the CPU is not a user replaceable component.
  3. people do upgrade their CPUs, especially it seems with Dell laptops. Also it's not very expensive. My question was about the new CPU's FSB speed versus the laptops's max RAM speed, and if this needs to be taken into account.

    I've found that the max ram speed for my this laptop's motherboard is probably 667MHz so my question is:

    can I install a CPU with a higher FSB speed (800MHz to stay compatible with DDR2)?

  4. If your CPU upgrade includes a platform change, then it would include the motherboard change. Once inquired about a motherboard change of HP and it turned out $450 for the change approx for a $600 laptop! :)
  5. hmm. well at the worst this just reduces my options to 1 which would be a 50 dollar cpu upgrade, maybe worth a try.

    okay, thanks!
  6. Just ring up the customer service representative and see what they have to say. Do let us know what happens.
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