GTX 400 Series-Black Ops and You

Can't make it anything but question :fou: want discussion

Anyhow, anyone running a GTX400 series card, how does Black Ops run for you (Single player and multiplayer)? I've heard lately googling that the patches continue to neglect some sort of lag with multiple cards in the 400 series.

I myself, face 45fps constant in Black Ops Multiplayer. Single Player runs perfect. Running the game on lowest/highest settings doesn't change a thing.

Wondering if anyone under these circumstances has figured out fixes or heard anything more.
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  1. Wipe the settings.ini file if there is one and be sure to check on other forums for solution as this is a popular game. I doubt that you have any issues hardware wise but what is your ress and settings?
  2. Turned out Xfire was conflicting with the game. Weird thing is when it came to stopping all background applications, also stopped Xfire only once, nothing changed. Works
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