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im tryin to use a third monitor on my desktop. i have 2 22'hd widescreens one hooked dvi-d and one hdmi i also have a 18' vga hd screen im trying to use vga but i cant get it too pick up the third monitor. also in my display settings it is picking up 4 monitors which is obviously wrong my card is ati radeon hd 4350. can anyone help
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  1. Typically an ATI video card can only span two monitors unless it specifically states that it is an Eyefinity capable (or supported) card. The HD 4350 is a budget card and it is unlikely to support Eyefinity.

    Eyefinity requires the use of the DisplayPort. Your HD 4350 does not have DisplayPort so it definitely does not support Eyefinity.

    You either need to trade it in your HD 4350 for a HD 5xxx series card w/ Eyefinity or install another video card to use that 3rd monitor (PCI-e card if you have another slot, or a PCI card).

    Why do cards that cannot support more than two monitors have three connections? Simple... options.
  2. 4350 isn't new enough. Only the 5xxx and 6xxx cards support eyefinity.

    I'm curious as to way you see 4 monitors in your display settings. You have some onboard video I assume?
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