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GTX 275 wrong clock speed

GPU-Z Tells me I'm running a different clock speed then CPU-Z for my video card, I do feel like my computer isn't performing as well as it should. What do you guys think?

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  1. Try msi afterburner or riva tuner and check the clocks once more. It is likely that your card is idle and Nvidia down clocks when idle.
  2. MSI afterburner tells me its at 640. So if it is at 640 cool, but something fishy is still going on, but that eliminates a problem if my card is running correctly.

    I'm on a fresh install of windows 7, and games sometimes run like ***, like for instance I was playing black ops today, and when I started it up for the 1st time I was getting a max of 30fps and I restarted my computer and ran it again, I was getting 60+ fps.
    Same goes for crysis but I can only get it to run right sometimes its weird. As long as I know its not the video card I can move on to other things.
  3. OK then there might be a issue, roll back the drivers and see if there is any change. irregular performance is a bad sign.
  4. I see you're using a slightly older ForceWare Driver version 258.96 but that doesn't explain the problems you describe.

    Version 260.99 is the latest WHQL driver for the GTX 275 available at nVIDIA's website.
  5. My drivers are from they're semi custom, the reason I'm using these is I was always getting display driver crashes while playing WoW and so a friend recommended these drivers, the display driver crashes were not entirely fixed, but they did improve. Id get like 5 a day while playing wow down to like 1 a week.
  6. I know that you are a regular hear but lets focus on the card it's self for a moment. What are the normal core temps that you get during peak and sustained load? Also for a moment either use a infra red thermometer or at the least the back of your hand to get a rough idea of the temps for the vram and power vrm. Overheated vram and power vrm can cause numerous problems in their own right. As a collector of hardware I often run into unusual problems that do require some unusual solutions.
  7. Okay, you're gonna have to point me in the direction of where to stick my hand, like where is the vram located, I don't have any fancy thermometers. Also I'm assuming there is no program that can show me these temps.

    If its any helpful at all I get around 55c while gaming on my core clock.
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    Well every one only pays attention to the core temp but I will try to point out areas to touch.

    Do you see the banks of resistors that are arranged in squares behind each vram module on the back side of the pcb as shown in the pick? Those area can be touched during use load up furmark or some other stress bench. These areas should not be scolding hot but rather lukewarm at the most and no hotter than the core at the extreme.

    Now towards the rear of the card ware the chokes, capacitors, and mosfets are located. This area to can be touched except for one small area and apply no pressure unless on a blank area of the pcb. If this area is scolding hot it is nothing new but if it is to hot to hold your finger even for a very short period of time then you may need to look into providing extra cooling. However if there are areas that are both extremely hot then the space next to it underneath a choke or power vrm phase for the gpu and is cold then there might be a issue.

    I typically try to find and rule out problems before any thing like this comes up so I have yet to have a card fail on me in years except for a 9800 pro aiw as that card was hopeless.

    Don't touch the voltage controller at the very end of the card (the little square chip) if you do the card will power off without the system shutting down acting like a kill switch.
  9. Hmm. I can't really tell, but I'm going to take advantage of my lifetime warranty, and just replace the card and see if that helps.
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