HAF X or Silverstone Raven 2

Hello, can i ask, wich better for may Set up :

8GB Vengeance Corsair Ram
X850w Seasonic PSU

Wich better for the case ? HAF X or raven 2?
I like Silverstone because its only middle tower (like the smaller) but have good cooling (i read the review) and HAF X is good too, but i dint do SLI Stuff and dont use many HDD

But Wich better ? :D
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  1. Seems like your not used to do Multi gpu setups.

    Should be fine with the cheaper one if your budget isnt really small.What is your budget and what do you look for in a case?Aesthetics?Great Cooling?Support for liquid cooling?
  2. Easy choice. Just get the one which looks more appealing to you. In case looks are not a criteria then make a list of pros and cons for both cases. You will get your answer by the end of it. I had the very same dilemma but lastly went for the RV02. My only gripe with the case is that PSU installation is a hectic procedure. HAF-X is richer on feature count but has its own set of problems too (plus it never looked good to me).
  3. I would go the haf X out of the 2 but i have som other considerations.
    RV03 is out it has usb 3
    Thermaltake chaser mk I relitivly unproven but it has good cooling and from what i can see is the only case with a usb 3 internal header AND 2 usb 3 ports on the front. it also fits big graphics cards
    Antec 1200 v3 it has great cooling you know it will be a great case and it has one usb 3 on the front via internal I/O
    if you went either the haf x or the Raven you would rout the usb 3 cables to the back.
  4. RV02. They cool about the same with the RV02 maybe having a slight edge. it looks a little bit nicer, but the big thing is the easy to use Dust Filters. Clean cases are happy cases.
  5. I personally like the RV02 better, though HAF X is more versatile.
  6. Thx !! iam gonna pick RV02 -E !
  7. Thx.. Raven02: really a Great Case,

    ... but For Future usage.. i think gotta go for HAF X ! THX !
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