Please Help Me! Im Going Insane!

So this is my built, bought it before Christmas.

Intel Core i7-950
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB 240-Pin DDR3

First ill start by listing issues ive had with the computer since i built it.

-Ram misreadings, bios reads 4gbs instead of 8gbs. I will have to reseat the ram to get it to read all 8gbs.
-Random crashes, only happen while im on desktop though, never ingame.

Now a couple days ago I got home from work and my pc was loading up very slowly.
The windows starting logo and the welcome screen.
The desktop loaded up slowly but I can use the pc fine.
While playing games the loading took forever but the games ran fine.

I tried unplugging everything inside the chasis.
Changing sata cables, updating bios, reformating and the problem is still occuring.

Even after the bios update im still getting crashes and memory misreadings.

While gaming I use to get a steady 91fps while plays black ops, now i get stutter and 70-90fps, dropping down to 50fps every so often.

I always get great temps, gpus full loading at 50'c-70'c, cpu cores full loading at 50'c

I ran prime95 for about 2 hours on my ram and cpu and got no problems.

Can anybody help me, this is driving me crazy.
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  1. Concentrate on resolving your memory issuse before you do anything else. Are you running a 32 bit version of Windows? That would limit you to 4GB of memory. Have you run Windows Memory Diagnostic? Another suggestion: pull everything but one stick of memory - your motherboard manual should identify which slot to use for one stick, and see that alleviates the problem. If it still persists, swap out the one stick and try another.
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