Help: Orange Power Button + Blank Monitor = Bad Power Supply?

Hi, I have a hp pavilion m9200t which was working fine until this morning.  When I turned on the PC the power light was orange instead of blue and the monitor remained black.  The desktop seemed to be working because I could see the other lights on (i.e. hard drive and dvd drive).  I forced the shut down by holding the power button down then unplugged the PC waited a couple seconds and plugged it back in.  This time when starting the PC the power light was blue however still no activity from the monitor.
I looked at the back and the light on the power supply is solid green, fans seem to be working fine.   I also tried plugging the PC into a different monitor but no dice.  Any suggestions on what the problem might be or some additional troubleshooting steps?  Thanks.
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  1. Do you have a videocard installed or is the video output from the motherboard itself?
  2. Thanks...sorry for the delay...I have a nvidia 8600gt...I plugged out the video card and plugged the monitor into the VGA port from my mother board and was able to get the monitor on. When the desktop powered up I got a 0xc0000411 hibernation error. I was able to then get to the log on screen and delete the hibernation file. However when I plug the video card back in I'm back to no response. It looks like maybe it's the video card and not the PSU...thoughts?
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