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I have just built a computer it has the P8p67 le mother board by asus. The I-5 3.30
Processor. I am using the nvidia gtx 460 graphics card. Sector ddr3 ram (8gig) my power supply is 800 or 850w can't remember which it's made by thermal take.
It's boots up fine but every time I run a game any game the computer just freezes up sometimes it's let's me play the game for 1-2 min and then freezes sometimes it freezes on the start menu of a game. I have already replaced my mother board once thinking that was the problem, got the same one from fry's again b/c I have a warranty on it. That did not fix my problem can any one help me out??? I had a friend work with it a while who majored in building super computers and he could not come up with why int was doing this.
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  1. Hello!
    Please try and stress test your gpu with Furmark!It stress test your gpu.
  2. if its a thermaltake tr there 750 and 800w psu's werent very well made and often didnt meet there stated output in some cases by a long way. so that may be the rout of your problem if its hardware based.

    make sure you also have hpet mode set in bios to match your o.s. 64 for 64 bit and 32 for 32bit. as this can cause lockups.
    next check the event logs. make sure its not a software problem.
    go into bios and make sure you load the optimized defaults. this wil reset the dma data incase that has been corrupted.
    next run the stress test above links...

    check your temps. gpu-z and core temp will do the job, make sure you log ythe temp's and check the vrm as well as the core temp of the gpu.

    update your drivers including the intel nfo chipset driver (you may have to run this in vista compatability mode on win 7 64)
  3. Thank you for the quick reply I will start these test soon and let you know what happens
  4. Improperly set up ram can freeze your computer as well. Make sure you set the timings and voltage to the specs.
  5. It ending up being a problem with the type of mother board I got. I had even replaced the one I purchased to make sure some thing wasn't wrong with it since I had a warranty on it. Well I ended up having to buy a totally diffrent model anyways and everything works perfect.
  6. Compatiliblty issue I guess.
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