Budget sandy bridge: too much compromise?

Pricing out a post-tax-return PC, I've come up with this for $600, but have I compromised to far in performance? My existing monitor is an Acer 21" 1680x1050.

Here's what I've come up with:

I5-2400 Sandy Bridge CPU: $194.99

MSI H61 motherboard: $84.99

GSkill 4 GB DDR3: $39.99

Xigmatek 400W 80+ Bronze PSU: $34.95

Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500 GB HDD: $39.99

Lite-on 22x DVD burner: $17.99

MSI twin Frozr II GTX 460 768MB: $149.99 w/ $20 mir

Just Cause II + Mafia II: Free

Rosewill R-101 microATX minitower: $29.99

Rosewill 120MM Fan: $4.99

Masscool 80mm fan: $1.99

total: $599.86 + $23.80 shipping, $623.66 total, $603.66 after rebate.
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  1. Looks good more or less. 2400 with a GTX460 isn't a horrible gaming machine. And it's not like you're trying to play on a surround setup, etc. There will be games that you'll have to lower settings on like Crysis or course and with only 768MBs of ram you wont' be able to use 8x (or even 4x) AA. But other then that you should be fine.
  2. I guess the real question is will I get better performance with, say a 560ti or 6950 mated to an Athlon II X4 or Phenom II X4 for the same price
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    Depends on what your usage is. I assume gaming. If you are, I'd say drop the SB CPU. Gaming is really more GPU than CPU limited and especially if you want to have the eyecandy on.

    TBH $600 really isn't something you should try to do a SB build on, especially since you're stuck with a non OCable chip.
  4. hmm, an extra $100 in this could give me a 2500 (not K), a 1 TB HDD, and a 460 1GB or 6850.
  5. ScrewySqrl said:
    hmm, an extra $100 in this could give me a 2500 (not K), a 1 TB HDD, and a 460 1GB or 6850.

    if microcenter is an option..2500k is $179.99
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