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Hey i just built my first computer yesterday for the first time with a gtx 460 768mb. I was looking in gpu-z to check stuff, not sure what everything means but i got somewhat of a idea. Want to make sure if everything is working correctly. The thing that concerns me is the second screenshot. Is stuff that low normal?

Is this normal? or should i be worried the speeds are so low, But im also not running anything.

Just alittle nervous being my first pc build i want to make sure nothing is going wrong.
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  1. Totally normal. The card is in 2D mode.
  2. All modern GPU's are designed to reduce clock speeds and voltages when not under load. Set GPU-Z to measure the maximum instead of the current value (use the drop-down arrow next to the parameter name). Then fire up a game or two and see if the card goes to its rated clock speeds.
  3. anort3 said:
    Totally normal. The card is in 2D mode.

    How can you tell its in 2d also im guessing it should be in 3d mode? how would i change that
  4. As Herr_Koos said stress the card to go to 3D mode. If it makes you feel better my EVGA card shows identical to yours and mine is a 1GB model overclocked to 821-1642-2000. It drops to identical to what your is showing in 2D mode.
  5. The card should be in 2D mode at the desktop (to save power and make less noise and heat), once you launch a game the card goes into 3D mode automatically. Everything is perfectly normal.
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