High temperature after messing around in P8P67 BIOS


Today i wanted to set my 1600mhz ram to 1600mhz because i saw in the BIOS that it was set to 1333.

After setting the frequency from AUTO to 1600mhz, I saw the OC tuner. I wanted to know what it was so I clicked on the OC tuner and hit OK. Then my system shutdown and reebooted then it shutdown again and rebooted. I found out that it was a mistake so i went into the BIOS and deactiveted the OC tuner. Now when i rebooted the same thing happend again! When got into windows i checked the temps using real temp and coretemp and the cpu temp was at 50-55c idle!
i thought that this was not right so i reebooted (samething happend again), went into bios and loaded the optimized defaults. Now it did not boot twice and when i got into windows I checked the CPU temps and they were at 40-45c idle! Before all this the CPU temps was at 28-33c idle. I went back into bios and set everything to default settings and let the pc cool down for 30 min. When i booted and got into windows the CPU teps was around 38-43 idle and raising to 40.45 when just opening Chrome. Now when the cpu usage is only 25 % the cpu is on 50-55c :(

My system specs are:
Intel i5 500k stock cooler ( soon going to be replaced by the H60)
Asus P8P67
Sapphire ATI 4650 (Soon going to be replaced by the Sapphire 6870)
320 GB harddrive
Coirsair XMS 3 2x2GB 1600mhz RAM
Cooler Master gold 650w PSU

Hope you can help me :)

Thanks :)
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  1. cmon guys, i really need an answer :( Isn't there a way i just can reset every thing in the BIOS to facotory defaults or something?
  2. Intel Stock coolers arent the best coolers in the world.And i have been playing games with stock coolers eg Crysis and i get around 58c.So your temps if they are OC temps should be normal.
    You should just reset the CMOS.
  3. The BIOS might have upped your core voltage, too....and then left it there even though everything is now clocked normal....which will result in higher temps.

    I'd find a thorough Asus P8P67 MB review, and note their BIOS tinkerings....before and after OCing....

    I'd still look closely at your multiplier settings, and ensure they are set manually back to 33X/37x Turbo....
  4. where do i find the multiplier in the BIOS?

    The strange thing that happend today is that the idle temps got down to 35c and when i open the browser or somthing the tenps go straight to 50c and then back to around 40c :/ And i ried to play some CS:S and MW2 yester day.

    Here are the temps:
    CS:S maxed out :P: 70-75c! around 48% cpu usage. would get like 60-70c before :/
    MW2: maxed out 50-58c 10-30% usage cpu :P
    Prime96 after 30 sec: 86c!
    Full HD video rendering in Sony Vegas (80-100% cpu) around 85c and getting higher after 1 min !

    The tenp right now while i'm typimg this is @ 35c

    I use Real Temp 3.60
  5. I got the temps a lil bit lower

    In the EPU it was set on high performance :P When i swithced it to auto the temps got down to around 35c idle :D
  6. i have the 2600k sitting on the Asus P8Z68-v pro and the bios reports the cpu temp as being 60c. is this normal?
  7. The mobo temp is really weird :S mine says 62 in the BIOS and around 38 in windows P:
  8. Maybe one temp is C and the other F?
  9. BIOS temp is always higher than in Windows because the power saving features aren't enabled.

    To lower idle temps there's only so much you can do. Enable C States (C6). Enable EIST. Enable C1E. Set voltage to auto, or manually set it to the lowest stable value.

    Other than that, if you feel your temps are too high (over 70C at stock is too high) then make sure your cooler was properly attached. The push pins they use aren't anywhere near as good as screws and sometimes can pop out if they weren't put in absolutely perfectly. Otherwise spend a little money on aftermarket cooling.
  10. Quote:
    i have the 2600k sitting on the Asus P8Z68-v pro and the bios reports the cpu temp as being 60c. is this normal?

    The mobo temp is really weird :S mine says 62 in the BIOS and around 38 in windows P:

    Guys, this is normal.

    The CPU cannot enter its low-power idle mode until it's fully booted into Windows, so temps in the BIOS will always be high.

    I'd help you out on your other thread, but I'm not going to register for the UK forums. If you're wanting better performance in the future games like BF3 and Duke Nukem, get the better graphics card. You shouldn't need more than a Hyper 212 Plus to overclock to 4.5GHz anyway.
  11. Idk why,b ut the temps are just getting lower and lower XD
    Btw I bought the 6870 and the H60 because 6950 and hyper 212+ was getting really expensive :S Here in Norway it's some really messed up prices XD
    But thanks for the help guys! :DD
  12. ok i checked the cpu temp in the OS and it was in the low 30s. :)
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