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  1. How much are you planning on spending on these components?

    What kind of RAM do you have already?

    I would pass on the WD Black; you can get a Samsung F3 1TB for ~$20 less, and it will be just as fast. SATA III drives are limited by the platters, not the transfer bandwidth, right now.

    I feel like you can get the Asus board a little bit cheaper. Another highly recommended board is the ASRock Extreme4 P67 since it's cheaper with standard build quality.

    I feel like you could get a better GPU, especially for that price.

    You may also want to invest in a better CPU cooler if you plan on overclocking and gaming.
  2. Is there a recommended place to get these parts? I live in Canada so the parts are a bit more expensive than the US, I have 4 gigs of RAM. I do not want to overclock, but I do plan on gaming.
    If it isn't much trouble can you maybe please make me a list of parts for under 900? I do live in Canada so use Canadian websites please.

    Thanks so much
  3. I would use newegg.ca, since their prices are great here in the states.

    Try looking for some of those parts there and see if the price differs at all.
  4. The price differs quite a bit actually, I cannot use US website, but some parts are 30$ difference
    Thanks though
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