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im going to be building a new rig in the next few weeks with some pretty impressive specs, and I'm wondering about my output choices. the new computer will be as follows:

CPU: Intel 980X
MoBoard: Asus Rampage 3
RAM: Corsair 4x4Gb @1600
PSU: Kingwin 1220W
HD: WD 2Tb @ 7200, 64Mb Cache

My question to you wonderful people is about the TV im going to be using as a monitor. i currently have a 50" Panasonic and I'm a little confused on the outputs from the GPUs. am i going to need to run 3 seperate HDMI cables to the TV or just one from the first GPU? I'm not sure how the GPUs will distribute the picture and dont want to build this beast if i then have to go out and buy a monitor or something. It just doesnt right seem to me that only the first card will output the video for some reason.

and i know that its not always the best decision to run 3 slightly older cards in SLI, but from the benchmarks I've seen, that will produce better graphics than a single 480. when the 480s come down in price, then i'll upgrade but for the same ammount of cash right now i can get better results.
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  1. 3x GTX460 will fulfill any gaming needs at the moment, once SLi is configured then just use one HDMI cable as they are virtually merged as one.
  2. thanks for the quick reply, i appreciate the answer.

    its going to be another few months untill i can start ordering these parts, as i'm going to wait untill my deployment is over and hopefully some of these prices are going to come down a little bit.

    now that i actually have what i want to put in this behomoth, the next few months are gonna go by slooooow...
  3. If its going to be in a few months you would be buying a newer Sandy Bridge CPU (i7 2xxx series) so you would need a different motherboard and CPU
  4. It is not possible to have 3 GTX 460's in tri-SLI. The card only comes with a single SLI bridge connector. You need a 470/480/570/580 for triple SLI.
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