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Hi All,

Long time reader, first time poster.

I just built a new MSI P67 with 2600k Intel chip. My problem is that the pc turns on for about 5 seconds, then reboots and continues this until I turn off the power.

I have stripped it down to just the CPU and HSF and have it on a piece of cardboard to prevent shorts. My 20 pin and 8 pin are plugged in and i've reseated the CPU HSF about 3 times now but still same results. I even tried a different HSF just to see if the stock one wasnt cutting it. Reset the CMOS as well, still no luck.

I don't believe it is the PSU because I tried my old motherboard/CPU with the same PSU (750w) and it works like a charm.

Do I have a bad chip or motherboard perhaps? Any insight is greatly appreciated! Never had a chip or mobo go bad on me for over 10 years of building my own systems :(
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  1. Thanks for the link. Sadly I went through that thing for a good 3 hours last night, pulling my hair out to no avail.

    I did notice though, that my cpu fan slot doesnt seem to work. I can plug the cpu fan into the "system fan" slot and it runs, but it doesnt run while plugged into the cpu fan slot. Sings are pointing to bad mobo I think.

    I mean i've got this thing in it's rarest state, CPU/HSF and 20pin/8pin connectors plugged in, thats it. On a piece of cardboard.

    Wonder if there is a safety check in place for this mobo/cpu fan perhaps? I didn't see anything about that in the manual though.

    I also tried a different PSU, same results. Consistently after 5 seconds, it reboots in a loop.
  2. Do you get any beep codes? Do you have a case speaker?

    Mobo is a possibility, so is a bad CPU. Only real way to isolate which is either a beep code or swapping. If the CPU is bad, HSF won't run if plugged into CPU fan slot either, so that test isn't conclusive.
  3. No beep at all from the case speaker with and without memory in the board.
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    Hmm could be indicative of dead CPU them. Beep codes requires a CPU. Then again, bad mobo would also mean no beep codes. If there was a beep code we could at least eliminate CPU.

    Hehe, basically you're gonna have to go out and grab a new Mobo.
  5. Dang, that was my fear. Would you lean more toward a dead cpu or mobo?
  6. Really a toss up. You're in the situation where it can be either and there's no way outside part swapping to figure out.
  7. Welp, it wasn't the processor, tested a brand new i5 2500k with same results - back to Microcenter I go for a new mobo!
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  9. I had the same problem with my MSI P67 build. I even went threw most of the steps in which you talked about. I finally found out what the problem was.

    I accidently pluged one of my video card power cord into the Cpu outlet. You see the reason why my system kept rebooting all the time was because I was using a conector that was meant for my video card. I truly needed a conection that can deliver the true watt-ege It needed to run the pc stable. Ever since I, Identified the proper Cpu Connection verses the video Card Connection, my pc has been running stable ever since!!

    I can't believe how Identical both power connectors are, It is so easy to make that mistake.

    Hope this was helpfull!
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