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I have purchased an OEM pc yesterday and I installed windows 7 x64 on it. Everything went great with installation. No errors or anything. But when i restarted my computer, after the motherboard splashscreen a black screen with a blinking cursor top left appears and windows doesn't boot. But sometimes, especially when i wait a few minutes to turn it on it boots normally till I shut it down. it is so random. What should I do? Please help me because this is driving me insane.

My specs are:
Motherboard: gigabyte 970a d-3
CPU: AMD phenom ii x6 1100t black edition 3 .3ghz
GPU: Sapphire hd 6870 1GHZ
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Hope you can help me. Thanks
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  1. Double check Hard Drive connections?
  2. Would also try a different SATA socket in case its a controller problem.
  3. Try to disconnect any USB devices, but mouse and the keyboard.
  4. Did u tried to boot into safe mode? Keep pressing F8 during BIOS post.
  5. İ have tried all that you said. I even formatted and reinstalled windows. Btw I don't need to boot in safe mode because sometimes it boots normally. Like I said it is so random. For example right now I am playing assassin's creed for hours and it works perrfectly. But if i try to reboot it won't boot. I know because I tried that so many times.
  6. Do you have a spare Hard Drive you could load a basic windows on just to eliminate your current one? Presumably the problem would show itself during setup when restarting...Failing that it is increasingly looking like an intemittent mobo fault, nightmare to find!
  7. Unfortunately i have no other hard disk. But i think it is not windows related because it happens when I try to install windows, the setup restarts the pc and there goes the blank screen again. My entire pc is brand new so does my hdd. Is it possible that my hdd causes these problems? And here is another thing. When I go into repair pc using system disk. I entered the command "Set PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE" and it says my architecture is x86. But a x64 windows is installed. Is it an important thing?
  8. Not familiar with that command, is it from the Command prompt? I have a similar rig I'm building to yours with a Phenom II x 6 1055T but an Asus board, if its a DOS command I'll try it to see if it comes up with the same result
  9. Mine says processor_architecture=AMD64
  10. I saw that command somewhere in the internet I can't remember now. I am going to go crazy and throw my pc out of the window.
  11. Wouldn't blame you for that! What does your Bios report under System information? Should correctly list you processor as 64bit... That DOS command shouldn't come up with x86 in my opinion...
  12. Not that I would expect it to cause that problem, but did you check it was in fact a 64bit windows install?
  13. I gave up and gave it to customer support where I bought it. They are gonna troubleshoot the problem and call me in 3 days. I will post the cause of it in case you want to know :) thanks for your help
  14. Probably for the best,the mere fact it was intermittent would make it next to impossible to fault-find ,especially whne you don't have access to spare mobos and HDDS! Good luck, I'll be interested in the result...
  15. Hello there. My computer is now back from service. The funny thing is that they couldn't find any errors. They said they updated my BIOS. Anyways whatever the problem was, it seems to be fixed now.
  16. karakalem said:
    Hello there. My computer is now back from service. The funny thing is that they couldn't find any errors. They said they updated my BIOS. Anyways whatever the problem was, it seems to be fixed now.

    Corrupt BIOS then! We were heading in that direction... it was obviously wrongly identifying your processor, hence the x86 where 64 bit should have appeared. Anyway, hope it stays 'fixed'...
  17. Hi,

    I just built this computer and I have a problem like the OP, a lot if not all the times that I restart or install drivers I get this black screen with blinking cursor. After that happens I alt+ctrl+delete to reset and the Windows Boot Manager Black Screen pops up:

    Windows has failed to start, etc etc repair your computer etc.

    Status: 0xc000225
    Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible.


    So I hit enter and another black screen error message pops up:

    Windows Error Recovery

    Launch Windows Recovery
    Start Windows Normally

    I select Launch Windows Recovery and then the Windows Boot Manager Pops up again, I hit enter, Windows Error Recovery screen is back again and I select Start Windows Normally and it works.

    My question is how do I fix this so I don't have to do this all the time?

    -Asus P9X79 Pro
  18. jyip, start your own and new thread, as it will confuse everyone else in this one : )

    That's your best way to get it solved!
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