First build...plz help

guys i need a gaming rig with the most bang for buck....and since i dont have so much buck i have decided to get amd from here

i have chosen phenom x4 840 as i think it is better than 560BE....
but the thing is mother board
here r my choices frm the bundle list
my choice is asus LE one....what do u guys say?

and the rest of the choices r these
gtx460 or 6850....which is better?? and there is hybrid crossfire in these boards so consider that too plz

corsair tx650 psu
samsung spinpoint f3 is it? durable?
2x2gb ripjaws..

so what do u guys say??
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  1. your going amd route. so your better of with a ati 6850 cause most boards of amd support xfire not sli. so maybe a amd triple core rana x440 would suit your needs then bump up the gpu to a ati 6870 or 6950. i recommend the 6950

    why not use newegg? do live near a microcenter? if thats the case.

    mobo for the best bang for the buck is the asrock 870 lowprice. can go x8/x8 xfire.
  2. ok...let me clear it frnd lives near micro centre.....and i need this rig for 2011....i'll jump to ivy in 2012......and i need just one gpu.....the rest of the components will stay while i'll just change cpu and mb......hope this helps....and i have to choose frm what i stated.....except frm hdd and gpu and ram....
  3. and one more thing....plz help me on this....i need some good combo deals from r my choices
    i nedd a psu like corsair tx650 or xfx650....with good quality and efficiency
    a ram like g.skill ripjaw which can do good timings
    hdd of atleast 500gb but durable and worth the money
    and a gpu of power of gtx460 or above if deal is good
    hope u get my choices....plz help me find the deals....i dont live in USA so i dont have much experience with newegg...
  4. i'll be getting the stuff through my frnd....he lives near micro centre
  5. one more thing....i have never tried any rebate...could someone plz tell me how we claim it.....
  6. I'd rather u hit the 965BE + Gigabyte 760G $149.99 bundle hehe
  7. budget?
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