Up Grade CPU Simpron64 AM2+ to Athalon 64 II AM2+

I want to replace my Sempron LE processor with an Athalon II Duo-core both 64 bit, both AM2+ and both 95 watt CPU's
Other than pulling the Sempron out and plugging the Athalon in, is there anything I need to do? Like edit anything in the Bios? or will it all just configure itself?

Desktop is a HP Slimline with a PEGATRON NARRA-5 MB, CPU is a 2200 Mhz 1.2 V
External clock is 200Mhz.

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  1. Answers to another thread indicated my Mobo would not support the 125 Watt CPUs. Most of the ones listed are for socket AM3 on Neweggs and TigerDirect sites. I haven't found any spec's for the NARRA-5 Mobo so I am not sure of the CPU wattage supported.
    I'd much rather go Quad if the low wattage PS and mobo can support it.
  2. TigreDirect has 2 good options: the AM2+ Phenom 2 X4 920 for $90 and the Athlon X2 7850 for $50. Both are AM2+ and both are 95W. They are OEM: no heatsink, limited warranty, but you all ready have one and I've never had a CPU die. Just make sure you buy some thermal paste to go with it.

    I would not risk getting an AM3 955, if you look around you may find 95W AM2+ 940s.

    The CPU should just detect. You might have to reinstall the OS, but the Windows license that came with the computer is tied to the motherboard.

    Link to your mobo:
  3. Thanks,
    I wondered about the AM2+ Phenom 2 X4 920. It is listed at 125 watts and I keep reading that I need to stay with the original wattage, in this case that's 95 watts. Some warn of damaging the mobo by installing a higher wattage (load) CPU than the mobo was designed for.

    Some have stated that the Socket AM3 CPU's will work in AM2/AM2+ socket mobo's
    IS THAT TRUE? CAN I PUT A AM3 CPU [Phenom II X4 945 Quad Core Processor - 3.00GHz, Socket AM3] IN MY MOBO (Phoenix -v, 5.49) OR NOT?


    TIA all
  4. You're right the 920 is 125 W. The AM3 backwards compatibility is dictated by the motherboard. Generally, yes a AM3 will work in a AM2+ motherboard. HP is lazy or decides to build in planned obsolescence into their products and doesn't update the motherboards for newer CPUs.
  5. You can try a modern AM3 Phenom and it might work, but I wouldn't wager on it.

    This is probably the best you can do with some certainty:

    That or the 7850, while limited aren't bad options.

    If you want to wade through another forum:
  6. Quote:
    if HPs website says it will support up to phenom II x4 AM2+ why would it not work?

    All the AM2+ X4 CPU's are 125W TDP rated. The best AM2+ CPU with a 95W TDP rating is the Phenom II X3 715.

    This guy tried to put a AM3+ 955 and it sort of worked, but not really:
    This guy tried to put an AM4 955 into his Narra5 and it didn't work:
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