Windows 7 media centre and AGP

Hi All

Im currently looking for some help to see if there is any approved hardware to work on the now legacy AGP port

heres what i am doing

I was given a solteq Qbit cube PC in very poor condition by my father in law. this had sat around after a HDD failure and he asked if i wanted it. It came with the board, cpu, ram, DVD and a failed HDD. it also had a 4mb trident pci graphics card

as this was a month before xmas and he had previously said how impressed he was with my media centre setup i decided to see if i could get this system to work as a small media centre for him.

My limited budget £40 let me buy the following 1*80GB IDE HDD 1* 512mb DDR1 dimm, 1* AGP radeon 9200 128mb card, 1*PCI wireless card, 1* media centre remote and IR usb box

so now i have a reasonable pc running windows 7 actually quite well. i never plan to do any gaming or such intensive tasks on this. it is purely to play divx and DVD media


The problem i have is that i cannot get the radeon 9200 to install on windows 7. i have tried to use the windows XP drivers for it and this works fine until you reboot the pc at which point the screen becomes very hazy until you change resolution

can anybody please advise of any AGP cards with at least 64mb vram that are directly compatible with windows 7?

if not ill tinker with this again but i dont get to see him very often so would rather if i have to spend £10-£30 getting the right card
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  1. The Radeon 92xx series card and older cards (8xxx and 7xxx series) are about the only cards not officially supported (AMD does not offer drivers) in Windows 7. Since NVidia abandoned the AGP line of cards some time ago, your best bet would be to look for an HD (HD2xxx, HD3xxx, HD4xxx) series AGP card.

    -Wolf sends
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