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New Motherboard install easy?

ok, I got a new mobo and I just want to swap out my old one for it.
Everything is compatible so that's not my problem.
My problem is that its a different chipset (but same company)
Will my harddrive work with this mobo without having to do anything?
*One of my friends says i'll have to reinstall windows and it might wipe my harddrive*
But I think you just have to run the new mobo first-time setup and then
flash the BIOS (if necessary) and it will work with my harddrive no problem.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thank you
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  1. No, you must to reinstall everything. Install Windows , install drivers for mobo from the CD.
  2. "No, you must to reinstall everything. Install Windows , install drivers for mobo from the CD. "

    That is patently untrue. Depending on whether Windows is successfully able to configure itself for the new chipset will determine whether on first boot you get a blue screen, or a long list of driver installs going on. I was able to go from a P45 chipset to a Z68 chipset without a reinstall. Windows 7 was able to redetect everything and installed everything, including audio and net drivers, all by itself.
  3. Thank you abekl.
    I still want some more answers since the two I got are conflicting.
    No offense
  4. And after that you work to clean all the rubish from the old setup data from the HDD.
  5. It may or may not work. If it blue screens or restarts repeatedly, boot from your Windows disc and select the repair option.
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    You may get it to work .... running well is another story. If you want it to run at optimun speed and without annoying conflicts, reinstall Windows.
  7. I backed up my harddrive to an external one, should I just be able to restore my files from there once I reinstall Windows?
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